Avoiding Post-Partum Depression (or at least trying to)

I know many mums get some sort of postpartum after giving birth to their baby and some have it for much longer than they expected. Obviously no one wants to go through it and if it was at all avoidable I was going to try anything I could find to do so. The one thing I found was making/using Placenta Pills. It is supposed to help keep your hormones balanced following birth and most mammals do eat their placenta after birth so I thought I’d give it a try and it only costs about $200. And $200 seemed well worth it if it can help me avoid the baby blues.  And for you savvy women out there, there are some great DIY versions of this if you’d like to try it without coughing up the money. 

placenta pills postpartum depression baby blues natural cures


Here are some of the benefits at a glance:

  • Helps with postpartum depression
  • Helps increase milk supply
  • Reduces haemorrhaging
  • Helps depleted iron levels
  • Helps your uterus recover to its pre-pregancy state faster

Another interesting thing is that you can have a tincture made that you can save until you hit menopause which sounds amazing.  Because we plan on having at least one more child I figured I’d order the tincture the next time around.

There are a few local places offering placenta encapsulation and their prices vary slightly based on what package you want (with or without the tincture, keepsakes, artwork, etc).  For us the main thing would be that they offer pick up and delivery as I don’t plan on leaving our house for a few weeks after the birth and I’d like to minimize the amount of things hubby needs to do as well.  I’ve seen a few offer pick up/delivery with the pills alone for around $225.  The extra $25 seems reasonable and most will pick up your placenta right from the hospital or (your home if you are having a home birth of course).

I will post a follow up post once I get mine and try them out :)

Why I Love My Bugaboo Stroller

I don’t know about you guys but for us (aka me) picking out a stroller nearly drove me nuts.  There are just sooooooo many to choose from and they all have pros and cons that make you feel like it’s impossible to make a final decision.  At some point we just had to pick something and stop the debating/online obsessing/review stalking.  So we picked…. (drum roll please)

The Bugaboo Chameleon

bugaboo_cameleon_all_black_72dpi_766x1024px_2And honestly couldn’t be happier!! There were a few factors that made me lean more onto the Bugaboo side.  The things I loved most was that the under basket had a drawstring like pouch so all the things you have in there aren’t just “all out there”.


We absolutely needed adjustable handles since Hubby is 6′ tall (this eliminated the Bugaboo Frog instantly).  We really liked that the frame itself was all black instead of the silver or greyish ones that every other stroller had (and other models of the Bugaboo as well) Loved the look of the bassinet and how much the canopy covered.  I do plan on buying the umbrella attachment (aka Parasol), the winter foot muff,  snack tray, and the mosquito cover.  The one we got came with the rain cover, breezy canopy, and the cup holder.  The other major advantage was that the fabric sets are totally interchangeable which we love because Hubby and I get bored easily and this gives us the freedom to change the entire look or just certain parts into new colors!!



  The other options we were considering?


The Stokke Crusi 

We loved the bassinet but hated the color options, the wheels just seemed off and something about it looked “hard” (if that makes any sense lol).



The Uppababy Vista 

I personally really liked the under baskets size, especially when out shopping.  You could easily bring your diaper bag, purse and still have room to put any extra items.  But I just didn’t love it as a whole.


Overall I have to say I’m happy with our Bugaboo and can’t wait for our son to enjoy travelling in it!


Birth Centre Packing List (Mom, Dad & Baby) FREE PRINTABLE

I’ve looked high and low (aka Pinterest and Google) and for the life of me couldn’t find a packing list that was perfectly designed for a Birth Centre birth that also included Dad.  And since my husband is just as important in this whole process I wanted to have his things ready as well.  So I made a list based on what my Birth Centre recommended and what we needed based on the type of birth we wanted (water) and the current weather (freezing cold winter).

Birth Centre Packing List

Birth Centre Packing List Download



Our Beautiful Baby Shower

Both my Husband and I were super grateful to have one of our friends throw us an incredible baby shower.  The theme was inspired by Tiffany & Co. but adapted for our baby boy :) Needless to say our friend did an outstanding job and all of our friends and family were in awe and are still talking about it.  We really loved all the little details and all the sweets were to die for!! lol Here are some of the shots from the day:

tiffany theme baby boy shower party pinterest


Prenatal Classes/Hypnobirthing Review

hypnobirthing pregnancy birth home water hospital mongan method book class local

Once we found out we were excepting our first child I started looking for prenatal classes and began to explore any and all information on my birthing “options”.  Because many of my friends are already parents, I had the pleasure of hearing most of their stories including their joys and regrets.  I choose to sort of cherry pick what things I’d ideally want for our birth (if all goes well of course) and one thing I knew for certain was that I wanted a natural (unmedicated) calm birth.  And I know some mums out there will read that and tell me that’s not possible and that I’ll be screaming for pain meds sooner or later (I’ve heard this many many many times since getting pregnant and expressing my desire for a calm birth).  BUUUUUT I have done my due diligence and have witnessed many clam and even quietly peaceful births (thank you youtube lol).  Hypnobirthing seemed like the answer for us because it gives me a feeling that I can run my own birthing experience along side my baby.  Hopefully I can have the birth I want and attending local hypnobirthing classes is a huge factor in preparing for baby’s arrival. (more…)

My Top 4 Ways to Rock a Winter BabyBump

Since my first pregnancy has landed right in the middle of winter, I’ve had to really narrow down my (pinterest) options for dressing up and showing off my baby bump.  MY personal “go-to’s” have been mainly looks I can either layer over or underneath or a way to display my growing belly warmly.  Here are my top four looks for rocking your bump in winter.

1.  Wearing anything that has an empire waist.  Empire waists are always flattering and when your trying to hide a little belly it works wonders but it is especially great to actually show off a larger baby bump!! 



Best Christmas Gift Ever!! The Snoogle Review!!


The only thing I wanted this holiday season was a good nights rest, which is nearly impossible when your ending your second trimester.  After reading online that it isn’t recommended to snooze on your back (or stomach obv), I found myself in serious pain (and/or numbing hell) from side sleeping exclusively.  My hips hurt and my shoulders throbbed, even if I did rotate between them.  It wasn’t enough relief….. so insert the Snoogle by Leachco. (more…)

It’s a BOY!!!!

boy announcement gender reveal ideas

Woooohoooo!!!! We are finally past the first trimester woes (morning sickness, extreme exhaustion and even more extreme hormones – at least according to my family and friends lol) and we found out that we are having a baby BOY!  Our entire family is still in shock as they all thought I was having a girl (as did I) but my hubby knew better and always said it was a boy, fathers instinct? (more…)

It’s Official!!! We’re Preggers! :-)

keep calm pregnant

Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! We’re finally got that beautiful BFP and we are both beyond thrilled, terrified and in pure obsession mode, naturally.  Incase you missed any of my previous TTC post you can read them herehere and here.  So like I mentioned my last TTC blog, I planned on using Preseed if my BD everyday didn’t work…. and it didn’t.  I was thinking about using OPK’s but last minute decided it was too much for now (although I’m sure I would have implemented them eventually if I got another BFN).  The cycle that got us our beloved BFP we did a few things differently. (more…)

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